A Handyman When you need One


After calling Rotor Rooters for a plumbing repair, I was very disappointed with my quote So I elected to activate my consumer mode and get a second opinion. So I gave Mr. Handyman a call. The followup from Mr. Handyman was just as fast, professional, and gave me the service I was looking for; Quality and inexpensive. Thank you to Bruce and your group for a quick job with efficiency. Mr. Handyman 1, Rotor Rooter and their $400 dollar quote 0
If you need something done, Call,Text, email me 1st, Or visit my website. I Know A Guy!


About Jay Sutton

Jay Sutton is a full-service, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams- and Sutton Realty Group. We enjoy serving our community a number of ways, Thru Basketball Coaching, and Teenage Mentoring. When not selling a Real Estate lifestyle and volunteering, I enjoy cooking and photography.

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