Plenty To Do In Knightdale, NC

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Living pretty close to Knightdale, I know first hand there is plenty to do without traveling Knightdale Blvd into Raleigh, NC

Here’s a small list of places to visit or eat in Knightdale NC.
  • Knighdale Parks and Recreation Department sponsors plenty of recreational activities throughout the year including swimming.
  • Knightdale Environmental Park is behind the Knightdale Town hall, has a walking trail, picnic areas and two observation outlooks.
  • Harper Park which includes a Playground is located beside the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce.

Be on the lookout for the Knightdale Craft Show, Knightdale Business Expo, or the Knightdale Christmas Parade. This is just a snapshot of the many things to do in Knightdale. I like these places below to eat and be on the lookout for my reviews:

  • Chili’s Grill & Bar
  • El Senor
  • Bojangles
  • Andy’s Cheesteaks & Cheeseburgers
  • Grand Street Pizza & Restaurant ***Great***
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • NY Diner ***My Favorite Breakfast Place***
If shopping is your thing, you have your choice at places like:
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Verizon Wireless
  • T-Mobile
  • Boutiques

I could go on an on.. The great thing about Knightdale, NC is you have plenty to do, plenty to see, and plenty to eat. Also keep in mind Knightdale has plenty of homes to look at at Great prices.  Learn more about Knightdale by clicking here or visiting Search for Knightdale homes by pricepoint or by neighborhood. Need help?? Contact us, We make it easy for you.


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