Now What? Wake Forest Golf Club Sold

A new owner has emerged in the former troubled golf course/ country club. BB&T recently purchased Wake Forest Golf and Country Club, but for how long you wonder? BB&T has every intention of selling this 147 acre plot that they purchased for 1.3 million in December.BB&T has already begun searching for a marketing agent. So all my Wake Forest Residents, Will you receive a new golf course in your back yard? Or will you begin to see more neighbors? I imagine either answer is better than a landscaping eye sore. We will keep an eye on this one, as you remember several companies have already attempted to place a subdivision there only to either back out, or a lawsuit forced them out.

About Jay Sutton

Jay Sutton is a full-service, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams- and Sutton Realty Group. We enjoy serving our community a number of ways, Thru Basketball Coaching, and Teenage Mentoring. When not selling a Real Estate lifestyle and volunteering, I enjoy cooking and photography.

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