How to Choose a Raleigh Area Neighborhood to move Into.

The Neighborhood at a Glance

A name you can trust

There are many factors to consider when selecting a neighborhood that is right for you. Think about the location in

terms of commute time to work, distance from leisure-time activities, and proximity to shopping, schools or any other

places you frequent. You may think of others factors that are important to you. Please take some time to write them down and share with us.


It is important that you scout the neighborhood in person

  • Talk to people who live there.
  • Drive through the entire area at different times of the day,during the week, and on weekends.
  • Look carefully at how well other homes in the area are being maintained—are they painted; are the yards well cared for; are parked cars in good condition?


Neighborhood Factors to Consider

    • Look for things such as access to major thoroughfares, highways, and shopping.
    • Listen for noise created by commerce, roads, railways, public areas, schools, etc.
    • Smell the air for nearby industry or agriculture.
    • Check with local civic, police, fire, and school officials to find information about the area.
    • Research environmental topics such as soil and water quality, as well as floodplain implications.
    • Study traffic patterns around the area at different times of the day and measure drive time from the area to work.
  • Is the neighborhood near parks, places of religious worship, recreation centers, shopping, theaters, restaurants, public transportation, schools, etc.?
  • Does the neighborhood have a Homeowner’s Association?

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