Hows your Raleigh Neighborhood Performing


Have you ever wondered how the market is doing but afraid to ask? Do me a favor, give us a call, or just visit. We will provide you with home values for your neighborhood without hassle or financial expectations.

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Take a look at some popular Wake Forest area subdivisions who have good appreciation rates. We are your Raleigh Real Estate Specialist.


PUD/SUBDIVISION Avg Years Avg PPY # of sales Avg Price

JONES DAIRY FARM 8 3.05% 22 $155,568
BRIGHTON 6 2.92% 13 $146,385
SMITH CREEK 8 1% 10 $204,550
BRAEFIELD 6 0.59% 17 $168,000
CIMARRON 8 0.56% 18 $145,472
SUNCREST VILLAGE 5 0.4% 15 $204,267
MITCHELL MILL 7 0% 10 $155,000


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