Closing Costs you may Encounter in the Raleigh Housing Market

From time to time, when buying a home in Raleigh You may encounter closing cost in addition to the items you have to pay for in advance. Our Lender Franco and Barb of Movement Mortgage has shared some valuable information you should consider below.20130218-112322.jpg

When buying a home, plan for closing costs!
Sometimes in the excitement of purchasing a new home, buyers forget to plan for closing costs and the amount can be a shock on the signing day.
So, plan for closing expenses ahead of time. You will need to write a check for such items as taxes, title insurance, prepaid homeowners insurance, points, lenders’ fees, etc. Closing costs can range anywhere between 2% to 7% of the selling price of the house.
The best way to prepare for this day is to get a good-faith estimate from your lender very early in the loan process. That way, you will not be surprised and can save up the amount you need and will be able to write the check without suffering an emotional meltdown!

Barb and Franco Multari

Be sure to give Barb and Franco a call 919-535-4720 and tell them we referred you. They will take Great care of you, just as We will. Search for a home in our Raleigh Market.

The great thing about closing cost we at Sutton Realty Group has a great track record to get some if not all of those closing cost paid. Here’s also a document called Upfront Home Purchase Fees  that you may encounter during your due diligence process. We would be HAPPY to sit down with you to explain how this works. I realize you may not be ready to buy or sell a home, however Keep us in mind for anyone you know who is considering a move. Use a Team who Cares, and will Guarantee your No Stress Move

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