Closed on these Short Sale Homes

Rendezvous RaleighClosed on these shortsales recently!  The seller was happy because our team showed them a different way vs walking away!!

  • It’s possible you can sell your home even if its worth less than you owe.
  • What if you could receive reimbursement to move and not pay anything to sell?

Everything’s possible! Need help with selling? Give me a call so we can chat!! 919.368.4012 See some of the short sale homes we have sold and that are under contract. Not sure if you are ready? Visit for more information.

1000 Cheviot SoldPin Oak SoldRendezvous RiverbrookThistlegate Anderson Point

About Jay Sutton

Jay Sutton is a full-service, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams- and Sutton Realty Group. We enjoy serving our community a number of ways, Thru Basketball Coaching, and Teenage Mentoring. When not selling a Real Estate lifestyle and volunteering, I enjoy cooking and photography.

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