SRG Participated in Red Day

On May 10th Keller Williams Offices thru-out the US and abroad closed their shops for a day to give back to its communities. Keller Williams Raleigh participated in two community outreach programs.Speaking of giving, the concept is for you to “Give Where You Live” We were fortunate enough to give back to the Tammy Lynn Center and to Hope Reins. Tammy Lynn Center is designed to provide Educational support with Early Intervention, Education Services, Respite Care Services, Residential Services and Therapy Services. We were honored to help them beautify their campus by planting flowers. I’m sure your charitable donations would be loved Consider donating to this wonderful Charity.

Hope Reins main premise is to serve kids in life crisis through a 33 acre ranch, rescued horses, and restoration in Christ. Most of all their Services are free of charge. Sutton Realty Group enjoys going here yearly. To hear the stories of the lives they can assist thru monetary donations and volunteer work is awesome. If you are considering adding another Charity to your list, Please consider Hope Reins. Learn more about Hope Reins and consider donating to this wonderful cause. While you are here take a look at some of the pictures we took. 

About Jay Sutton

Jay Sutton is a full-service, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams- and Sutton Realty Group. We enjoy serving our community a number of ways, Thru Basketball Coaching, and Teenage Mentoring. When not selling a Real Estate lifestyle and volunteering, I enjoy cooking and photography.

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