Back to School Drive Boys and Girls Club

Today!!! The Boys and Girls Club on Raleigh Blvd is having their 9th annual Back to School Drive. We are sooo excited to be a partner with them. We made a call, and thanks to my wonderful clients, vendor partners, and Realtor colleagues we were able to raise 40 Book Bags and school supplies to go with them. Our goal was only 20!!  Thank you for all the donations and we look forward to partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Raleigh and other organizations in the future! We will always be available for the community.





About Jay Sutton

Jay Sutton is a full-service, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams- and Sutton Realty Group. We enjoy serving our community a number of ways, Thru Basketball Coaching, and Teenage Mentoring. When not selling a Real Estate lifestyle and volunteering, I enjoy cooking and photography.

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